We feel pleasure in introducing ourselves as Top rated trainers in the field of Information Technology and placement Consultants. Founded by IT experience people, our mission is to deliver the highest-quality, value-added services in the Field of Training, Job support and consulting for both their short-term and long-term needs.

Online Training

        Online Training or Remote learning is getting popular worldwide. There are multiple formats for online training. The one Gps Infotech focus on is to learn from a mentor in a “live” and “interactive” mode over internet and phone. Mentoring is done with a combination of phone and/or real time sharing of screen.

Corporate Training

        Gps Infotech has a team of corporate professionals who were engaged in corporate training .with the growing demand in the industry we believe that there is high demand for new job openings where in training is an essential need of the industry with this we bring our expertise to the industry by getting all the corporate training companies, individual trainers and clients on one platform where we bridge the gap of training requirements.

Our consulting service offerings include the following:

  • Key Challenges in Industry
  • Service Offerings
  • Domain/Technology Areas
  • Service Delivery model
  • Value Proposition

Job Support

        We provide solutions or job support for the task in the consultant assignment for Information Technology consultants around the world. When any consultant is working on a project and get stuck for a solution or need technical expertise in the consulting assignment, we provide experienced mentors who can help to get the solution or job done.

Job Placements :

we are providing job in All MNC level 5 companies


we are providing All certifications, we have Prometric center in Hyderabad

Self learning

we are providing all software course video’s, to learn ur self